Friday, September 3, 2010

Stupid Calculators

My Mom and I went hunting for a Texas-Instruments 84 Calculator, we looked everywhere and found it only at a Target store 'near us"... about 6 miles away. It turned out that they didn't have the regular TI-84 and they only had the Plus. It was 45 dollars more. And Normally it was a 89 dollar calculator so my mom and I freaked out. Finally after about 80 'are you sure you don't have a TI-84 non plus?' we checked out. While Driving home my mom said "I am never going back there again." It really made me dehydrated. When I got to orientation everything was going very well, All of the teachers were nice, I saw all of my friends, and I got to see my new cubby. When I got to math in my school day Emma was talking about how she is there to challenge us and move up and everything when she said "Your group doesn't need the calculator that was on the list." I about dropped over dead in my chair. I'm Glad my mom was fine with it. Mom=Jamie

Orange Kitty

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